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negro-spiritual uit de Sea Islands in Georgia. (1867)
1. Michael row de boat ashore, Hallelujah!
2. Michael boat a gospel boat, Hallelujah!]
3 I wonder where my mudder deh (there).
4 See my mudder on de rock gwine home.
5 On de rock gwine home in Jesus' name.
6 Michael boat a music boat.
7 Gabriel blow de trumpet horn.
8 O you mind your boastin' talk.
9 Boastin' talk will sink your soul.
10 Brudder, lend a helpin' hand.
11 Sister, help for trim dat boat.
12 Jordan stream is wide and deep.
13 Jesus stand on t' oder side.
14 I wonder if my maussa deh.
15 My fader gone to unknown land.
16 O de Lord he plant his garden deh.