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It aint gonna rain no more

Pagina: 550/550

Oh! the night was dark and dreary
The air was full of sleet
The old man stood out in the storm
His shoes were full of feet.

Oh! it aint gonna rain no more,
It aint gonna rain no more.
But how in the world can the old folks tell
It aint gonnna rain no more!

Oh! King solomon had a thousend wives
And that's the reason why
He often missed his buisness train
By kissing them all good-bye.

Now Mary had a little lamb
It had a sooty foot;
In little Mary's bread and jam
His sooty foot he put.

The way i tell the twins apart
The doting father said,
I put my finger in Willy's mouth
 If he bites ten it's Ned.

Jim Slim was a tombstone-maker
And he stacked 'em on a shelf;
One day one fell on poor Jim's head.
So he used it for himself.